Lamb Shank Nihari

Slow cooked, succulent lamb shank cooked with onions, tomatoes and flavoured with mace, cardamom and star anise. A traditional Pakistani dish.

Norathon Bhoona

Tandoori king prawns, chicken and lamb tikka cooked in medium strength spices with fresh herbs.

Khodu Gosht

Chunks of prime beef, cooked with medium spices and butternut squash. Flavoured with star anise and curry leaves. A classic Bangladeshi beef dish.

Mango Butter Chicken

Mild curry cooked with pureed mango, condensed milk and butter in a rich, creamy, sweet dish.

Sylheti Murgh or Gosht

Off the bone chicken or lamb cooked in the tandoor then pan fried with roasted garlic, ginger, Sylheti spices and shatkora, a citrus cooking vegetable from the Sylhet region of Bangladesh. A medium spiced dish.

Naga Gosht or Murgh

Chopped onions, tomato, peppers, coriander and naga chilli (officially the hottest chilli in the world!) toned down to give a distinctive aromatic flavour.

Lamb Hyderabadi

Tender lamb pieces cooked with chopped onions, mustard seeds, onion seeds and whole red chillies in a slightly hot and tangy sauce, garnished with fried onion, red pepper julienne and garlic.

Murgh Manchurian

Tender chicken strips, onions, julienne peppers and fresh coriander cooked with selective tandoori masalla spices giving a medium strength dish.


Chicken tikka pieces cooked in a small traditional handhi with onions, fresh garlic, coriander, garam masalla, selective herbs and spices to create a special flavour.